Massachusetts Real Estate, Pre-License Study Guide

This textbook is the result of over 39 years experience in the real estate industry by real estate expert Paul Fontaine and is designed to prepare the salesperson or broker license candidate to take and pass the Massachusetts Real Estate License Exams. The book is comprised of study topics required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and contains sample test questions after each chapter and a 100 question sample exam. A glossary of real estate terms is included as well as Massachusetts License Law & Regulations. $30.

Prefer a CD or Flash Drive? A comprehensive compact disk or flash drive includes the Massachusetts Real Estate textbook, 4 practice exams, presentation slides from the course, information on the testing company PSI and textbook supplements. Also $30 but this gives you much more than just the textbook. Great study tool no matter which school you took your education with. Simply email us at and we'll tell you how to make payment and receive this invaluable study aid.



Dictionary of Real Estate Terms

Reference books provide an easy access to all the major real estate terms and definitions. A must-have for exam candidates as well as real estate practioners. Several different real estate dictionaries are available containing hundreds of concepts and topics. Prices vary according to desired publication. A great source for everything real estate. Paperback. From $15.